Welcome to Life Enrichment Seminars

(established in 1994)

Our Mission: To help people live happier lives

A message from Richard and Frances D'Angelo, co-founders of Life Enrichment Seminars...
       Thank you for visiting our website. Our company has one mission: for people to experience more happiness and joy in their everyday lives.
       We facilitate this process by the use of different techniques and concepts in our seminars which enable our students to quiet their mind, eliminate victim consciousness, and evolve into people who feel more love for themselves and others without judgment or control. We stress that life is always a choice between love and fear and help people to recognize and choose love every time.
       We too have grown along with our company. By accepting and expanding ourselves, we are able to guide others into lives of increasing love and happiness. We continue to develop the variety of seminars we teach in order to reach everyone who is looking to experience greater joy and love in their life.
       As Life Enrichment Seminars moves into its third decade, we want to thank all of our former and current students for their willingness to make a change in themselves, and therefore the world. They have made Life Enrichment Seminars the success it is.